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Why choose 12 RND Fitness - Labrador?

There's a reason we call our members 'Fighters'. Ask a 12RND'er why they train and they'll tell you, it's for their family, or it's for their future, or it's for their mental health... everyone's fighting for something, what are you fighting for? THE WORKOUT Our workouts replicate the physical demands of a 12 round championship bout; there are 12 x 3-minute rounds with 30 seconds rest between. Each workout is completed in under 45 minutes which is the optimal duration for high-intensity training, maintaining the right balance between effort and results. 12RND training methods have been designed to maximise results. We deliver a functional and highly varied strength program, progressing through sports-specific training cycles that are guaranteed to get you in fighting shape. Our movements are athletic, you train like a professional boxer without having to be one! THE SCIENCE Innovation is central to our ethos; our team of sports scientists ensures that the most up to date and proven training methods are incorporated into the training cycles as they would be for a professional athlete. 12RND has a 7 x week training cycle with 4 distinct phases designed to run continuously allowing members to start at any time throughout. They are: PHASE 1: BASE Full-body movements with high reps, longer durations, limited recovery and intentionally dramatic tempo changes to quickly boost your fitness level. PHASE 2: STRENGTH Reps drop and weight increases for targeted muscular development, enforcing greater control in major movements and increased range PHASE 3: POWER Strength and speed are combined to create higher outputs through explosive movement and quicker transitions. PHASE 4: PEAK Speed, agility and reaction time become a key focus to build on your boxing technique, introducing athletic movement through increased plyometrics, boxing combinations, and padwork and footwork. This intelligent programming taps into both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems to deliver a full-body functional strength program in every workout. This powerful combo can burn up to 750 calories or more in a single bout. The uber dynamic intervals build superior fitness, and the stamina to overcome fatigue, making your rounds feel shorter and rest periods longer. OUR COACHES Our Coaches are an integral part of the 12RND experience, offering support, education and guidance to our members. They are highly trained in the skill of boxing to ensure that you have the opportunity to develop your skill through one-on-one padwork each and every workout. Each day, our coaches are on the floor helping you to optimise your technique and get the most out of every session.

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