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Qualifications: Diploma PKP Kinesiology TFH kinesiology Forensic healing Personal Training Accredited by IICT What is kinesiology? Founded by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964. Kinesiology integrates Western philosophies such as counselling, chiropractic body alignment wisdoms, anatomy and physiology and Eastern philosophies such as meridians, ancient Chinese medicine/acupuncture, acupressure, triad of health and chakras. It is a non-invasive holistic process which utilises precise muscle biofeedback, also known as muscle testing, and focuses on the mind body interactions. It is an integrative method that investigates the connection between the client's symptoms and their emotional, physical, biochemical and spiritual state. Unlike most modalities' kinesiology works on all the dimensions of the body, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.Muscle testing Muscle testing allows us to connect to our sub-conscious mind to measure the validity of certain statements. It can access blockages that are potentially the root cause of a problem, such as physical ailments, lack of concentration, motivation or energy, emotional imbalances or a struggle to achieve certain goals. Muscle testing identifies these energy imbalances in the body via nerve pathways and the meridian system of the brain and body.The Flow of Energy around the Body The Energy/Qi – flows through different pathways around the body called meridians. Meridians – Each of these meridians have a muscle associated with them. Muscles – Different muscles are tested to gain information about the flow of energy through its related meridian. The flow – There may be areas of perfect flow, too much or not enough energy flow. The goal – Kinesiology guides and empowers you to facilitate your perfect state of equilibrium by accessing your body's innate healing ability to identify and correct the imbalances to acquire perfect flow throughout each meridian. To be in perfect equilibrium enables us to function at our optimal level. It enables us to tackle the challenges of life with ease, comfort and to be fully present with all the joys life brings and move freely into a more positive, healthy way of life.

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