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Nabil Chetouana started his career in Paris, providing luxury concierge services and training to Royalty, international Diplomats, Professional Athletes and CEOs of top-tier companies. Passionate about boxing and fitness for over 20 years, and 5-time French Muay Thai champion, Nabil is a highly experienced Personal Trainer with Australian and International Certifications. Nabil's customised service and complete discretion, coupled with his athletic performance training methods, make him the perfect solution for busy Executives to achieve their fitness and mindset goals. Working with an holistic approach that combines fitness, nutrition and mental relaxation, Nabil has assisted many top Executives to reach their peak physical performance. Strength – I use a functional approach that focuses on building upper body, lower body, and core strength that you will help you to get strong and smash your goal. Stamina – Cardio exercises that improve your conditioning and with the high intensity Interval technique, get your heart rate up, and keep you feeling refreshed for any meetings. Flexibility & Rehabilitation – No more lower back issue and neck pain due to long hours work on the laptop. We will stretch a variety of muscles and build strong flexibility that will improve your mobility and posture. Nutritional Education – Get the rights food habits during your dinner meetings or at home. I provide helpful resources, diet, meal tips and advices that help you make healthier food decisions. Sport Specific Training - Beat your mates - we will target and develop every muscles to make your best performance for any sport of your choice: Tennis, squash, golf, Boxing, Muay Thai, surfing, running and more. Want to know more contact Nabil on 0498800650

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