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Why choose Orphic education?

Orphic Education provide trusted and comprehensive Personal Trainer education through the Certificate III/IV in Fitness and various PT-upskilling courses. These courses can be completed in any of dozens of gyms and facilities around Australia, or on-line. The Orphic model enables students to gain access to world class facilities, highly educated Coaches and Trainers, exceptional student support and industry opportunities to ensure you're not only prepared to be a Coach, or Trainer – but you're ready to excel. Our 30-session Practical curriculum focusses on the most relevant theoretical concepts, and how to implement them in the gym. All students must go through these workshops and learn hands on so they gain the skills necessary to become a PT or Coach. The concepts we teach in these Practical Sessions are at the heart of the profession of Personal Training, such as: Anatomy & Physiology The “New Client Process” Program Design Sport Science Principles Screening and Monitoring And much, much more!…

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